Referral Process for Providers

How to Make a Member Referral

Contact Project Transition's Admissions Department to obtain the level of care to put on the referral to the Managed Care Organization (MCO).

Your prospective member must fully complete a preadmission packet and have had a psychiatric evaluation completed in the last 60 days. Members with an approved referral will either visit the program for a tour and completion of preadmission assessments or a Project Transition clinician can come to the location of the potential member (if unable to leave their current environment during the preadmission process) to complete the assessments.

When an approved referral is secured, the average time to admit a member from approval to admission is 10 business days.

Below is a list of documentation required prior to admission:

  1. Fully completed Preadmission Packet (Download Pennsylvania or Tennessee
  2. Labs (required if presently taking Clozaril, Depakote, Lithium or Tegretol, dated within 30 days prior to admission)
  3. Psychiatric Evaluation (current and any recent)
  4. Valid Photo ID
  5. Insurance Card
  6. Birth Certificate
  7. Social Security Card

Documents Required if the Member has an income:

  • Social security award letter
  • Bank account statements
  • Pay stubs (if applicable)