Systems of Support

Behavioral Health Crisis Prevention, Intervention and Stabilization Services

Behavioral health services for individuals with I/DD and co-occurring mental health and/or behavior disorders including:

  • Person-centered assessment and crisis prevention planning, including identification of the needs of the individual in order to avoid potential triggers and to provide positive behavior supports
  • Development of individualized Crisis Prevention and Intervention Plan (CPIP)
  • Training by the SOS provider for paid and unpaid caregivers to equip them to:
    • Provide positive behavior supports to effectively manage day-to-day situations and environments in positive ways that do not result in behavioral health crises
    • Quickly identify and address potential behavioral health crisis situations, intervening immediately to de-escalate a potential behavioral health crisis situation whenever possible
  • Development of community linkages and cross-system supports based on the individualized needs of each member and in accordance with the member’s CPIP
  • 24/7 crisis intervention and stabilization response
  • More than behavioral health services
  • A model of service delivery that is intended to build the capacity of the system to better support individuals with I/DD who experience challenging behavior—creating more effective Systems of Support Assist the person in achieving greater independence and improved quality of life, free of challenging behavior, and a higher degree of stability and community tenure
  • Mission Statement:
    “Building integrated systems of support
    through innovative partnerships and collaboration
    to empower Tennesseans with I/DD
    to live the lives they want in their communities”

East Tennessee

P: 865-­309-­5910

Central Tennessee

P: 615-­526-­1916


P: 615-­526-­1916

West Tennessee

P: 901-­842-­1770

"PT I couldn't see how good you've been to me. Over the years, throughout the days, you've always been in my corner I must say. Times were bad and times were good, you helped me to lay down my hood. Now I'm shining not conniving, working it out my system what shucking and jiving. So I'm striving to be the best that I can be, for all to see, Thank you, PT..."


"Our daughter has endured mental illness for years… we have worked with many professionals and programs. Without question, Project Transition’s help and support have been the most effective.”

John P, father of a PT member

"The family support groups and seminars are focused and helpful. We feel understood."

Diane S, sister of a PT member

"PT is helping me on my road to recovery. They offer support to reach my personal goals. Staff help guide me, showing me a new way to live. My life has new meaning today..... I now have goals and projects to work on. I am productive and am becoming a better mother and person."

Jennifer S

"I know what it is like to sell myself and a brand new pair of sneakers for drugs. I know what its like to walk around the streets with only socks on. But I no longer have to live that way. My family no longer has to worry about me. Project Transition means that I have hope and recovery. It means I have a second chance at life."


" Project Transition has been a life saver to me. I was mentally Ill and felt like I was in a box that I thought I could never get out of. I lost everything and could not function...but now I have confidence in myself. I needed help in all areas of my life but now have a path and a purpose. Life is worth living."

Angie A

"My son has been in many programs and far too many hospitals. Project Transition is different; it is actually helping him to live a better life. The staff and members of PT care for one another... it’s a form of community that is sorely lacking elsewhere."

Wendy P, mother of a PT member

"Project Transition means I have a second chance at a new life. PT taught me how to love and believe in myself. It also taught me to forgive people in my past. I thought I would never get better but PT taught me different. They believed in me and made it easier to trust in myself."

Michelle R

"Project Transition has taught me how to be an adult when others told me I was unfixable. PT will always be in my heart. I've been sober for 5 years and recently moved out of the program. Thank you Project Transition."

Victoria S

Implementation Provider: Project Transition works with States and MCO’s to implement Person-Centered Transformation Plans.

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