Community Living and Recovery

We provide members services through a unique model featuring therapeutic communities that
thrive within apartment complexes with the goal of reintegration into the community at large.


Member Profile: Who Do We Serve?

It's not about a medical chart, it is about a person. We embrace members with Serious Mental Illness
who may also struggle with a co-occurring disorder, Intellectual Developmental Disability, and/or trauma.


Discover Your Life Worth Living

Person-centered clinical treatment and recovery plans through residential
and outpatient supports for individuals with recurrent mental illness.


Systems of Support in Tennessee

The leading service provider to children and adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disability who
also experience behavioral challenges that pose a risk to their safety and stability in the community.

We offer long-term behavioral health support and services for individuals who have a history of serious mental illness (including dual diagnosis) who desire a future that is meaningful, living in the community on terms they define.

A Therapeutic Community

At Project Transition you are not a patient, you are a member of a community. You are not a statistic defined by a chronic mental illness; you are an individual with an persistent condition who can learn to function, cope, and recover with the right setting and tools.

When provided with a member-centered treatment for mental illness and recovery plan, you can achieve your life worth living.

Project Transition utilizes a psychiatric rehabilitation model, employing a “hands-on” approach to building coping skills, whether it is through the classic “Traditional Program” (Residential Mental Health services) or Systems of Supports (SOS) Services.

With a person-centered treatment and recovery plan, you can achieve your life worth living.

Our Evidence and Strengths-based Approach

Our community-based Residential Mental Health programs are truly in community settings that minimize stigma (we are not a “facility”) and implicitly create normalized social expectations and consequences. With a full suite of staff to support Members daily in the recovery center, and on-site as needed for support in the apartments, our team leverage strengths and evidence-based therapeutic interventions to help every Member achieve their goals.

Members are 18 years and older with a diagnosis of serious mental illness who may have a co-occurring disorder or behavioral health challenges.

North & South Locations

Our Systems of Support (SOS) services are statewide in Tennessee. SOS provides behavioral health services for Members with an intellectual developmental disability (I/DD) and co-occurring mental health and/or behavior disorders. The SOS team utilize crisis prevention, planning, and stabilization to empower the Member and their supports (paid and natural) to achieve a better quality of life.

Members are children and adults with an Intellectual and Developmental Disability who experience behavioral challenges that pose a risk to their safety and stability in the community.

Utilizing the combination of reality-based interventions, individual and group support sessions, and frequent community meetings, Project Transition places a strong emphasis on therapeutic community.

Treatment is multi-faceted and clinically focused, which encompass:

Hope and healing in community-based recovery settings

Full coordination of behavioral and physical health

Individualized assessment and a person-centered treatment plan

Expertly trained clinical staff in Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Crisis intervention, stabilization, and support

Recovery management for co-occurring disorders


Whether you want to learn more about Project Transition, share your story, initiate a referral, or arrange a visit, we encourage you to reach out to us.