Founders & CEO

Our History and Leadership

In the 1980’s, Dr. Loren Crabtree and Dr. Barbara Cram were running a unit at a private psychiatric hospital. They realized despite all the time, money, and resources they could ask for, it was clear that inpatient programming was an incomplete way to prepare a person to live a better life beyond the hospital. They, along with Paul Keisling, knew that they had to find a way to treat, support, and educate our patients over the long haul and in the community.

This became their dream and mission. This was the driving force that pushed them to create Project Transition.

Luke Crabtree, JD-MBA


As CEO Luke Crabtree, JD-MBA, maintains continuous oversight of Project Transition with the primary objective of ensuring competent and devoted staff are in place to serve the well-being of our members. Luke's leadership promotes and sustains an environment that encourages a positive and forward-thinking culture. His leadership reflects the company's commitment to its core values and mission as a recovery-driven residential treatment program.

Loren H. Crabtree, MD


During his 48 years as a psychiatrist, Dr. Crabtree’s work with adolescents and adults has occurred in inpatient, outpatient, and residential settings. Prior to founding Project Transition, Dr. Crabtree received his training at Yale University and the University of Pennsylvania and has served as a clinical faculty member at two medical colleges in Philadelphia. As an educator and clinician, Dr. Crabtree has presented to numerous consumer, family, and professional audiences.

Paul Keisling, MSW CPRP


Paul Keisling has over 35 years' experience in the design and implementation of therapeutic and rehabilitation interventions for persons in recovery, including those with co-occurring disorders. As a co-founder of Project Transition, Mr. Keisling presents at local, state, and national conferences including NAMI, PA-NASW, PAPSRS, and USPRA. He is a Field Instructor for several local universities and lectures in vocational rehabilitation for persons with SMI. He is also a certified trainer for NAMI’s Family to Provider training series.

Whether you want to learn more about Project Transition, share your story, initiate a referral, or arrange a visit, we encourage you to reach out to us.