Locations - PA and TN | Project Transition
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Locations – PA and TN


Project Transition has four campuses within southeastern Pennsylvania in Berks and Philadelphia counties. Additionally, Project Transition has two campuses in Tennessee, located in Nashville and Knoxville.

Each location houses male and female members, and has on-site care or transportation to day programming a short drive away (Project Transition provides transportation). Locations and housing are uniquely selected to support members with challenging personal and medical histories, taking into account the surroundings, community at large, vocational and educational opportunities, as well as accessibility to public transportation.

Pennsylvania Locations


1. Three locations in Philadelphia, PA
2. Reading, PA

Contact Pennsylvania Admissions at 215-997-9959 or
email admissions [at] projecttransition.com

Tennessee Location

1. Nashville, TN
2. Knoxville, TN

Contact Tennessee Admissions at 615-526-1916 or
email admissions [at] projecttransition.com

In addition to the Community Residential Mental Health Program in Nashville and Knoxville, Project Transition offers System of Support Services statewide

Whether you want to learn more about Project Transition, share your story, initiate a referral, or arrange a visit, we encourage you to reach out to us.