Vocational Support

Vocational Rehabilitation is a key component of and
demonstration of our members’ recovery.

To that end, Project Transition provides an array of evidence-based psychiatric vocational rehabilitation services that assist our members to identify, pursue, and reach their employment goals.

Weekly workshops, individualized counseling and ongoing training are utilized to support our members’ vocational aspirations. Based on the Psychiatric Vocational Rehabilitation model of “Choose, Get, Keep,” this approach emphasizes the importance of helping persons with serious mental illness to self-identify a vocation of their own choosing, and then concretely assists them to develop the skills needed to obtain and maintain a job in that field.

Support may include open-ended career exploration, assistance with job searches, or help to maintain successful employment once it has been obtained. This highly affirming and comprehensive approach is another way for us to reassert our belief that people can and do recover.

Whether you want to learn more about Project Transition, share your story, initiate a referral, or arrange a visit, we encourage you to reach out to us.