Young Adults

Emerging Young Adults Program

Project Transition’s Emerging Young Adults Program prepares specific members for Project Transition who may otherwise be unable to manage that open setting with Specific Milestones to achieve transition to a Project Transition Community.

Targeted Goals and Services

  • Transition from Facility to Community
  • Acquisition of Core Life and Coping Skills
  • Completion of Education/Vocational Readiness
  • Emotional Regulation Skills and Behavior Support
    • DBT/Distress Tolerance Plans and Coaching
    • Behavioral Support Plans and Interventions
    • Social Skills Coaching
  • Milestones-Driven Incentives to Gain Responsibility and Self-Determination through Levels of Care
  • Community Re-Integration

Specific Programs

  • Music/Arts Group
  • Young Adult Issues
  • Expressive Arts
  • Peer Support/Recovery Group
  • Exercise
  • Educational/Vocational Supports
  • Evening Activities:
    • Program-based community activity on weekday evenings
  • Weekend Programs:
    • Supervised Community Activities on Weekends
Whether you want to learn more about Project Transition, share your story, initiate a referral, or arrange a visit, we encourage you to reach out to us.